New Hampshire Divorce Lawyers on How to Achieve an Amicable Settlement

To prepare for a divorce, you should form a clear “game plan” with your legal counsel, focusing on the after-effect of the divorce on your children and your bank account. The reality of obligations, such as alimony and child support, will start to surface during the proceedings. It would be wise to discuss your financial situation with your lawyer.

Shorten the Fight

Divorcees will tell you that the process costs a lot, especially if you stretch the courtroom battle. Consult trained Portsmouth divorce lawyers on how to achieve a settlement with less fuss, particularly for issues rooted in irreconcilable differences. However, be careful with your conduct during proceedings; some courts can penalize you severely for inappropriate behavior.


Celebrating Divorce: Concord Divorce Lawyers Help Ex-Couples Cope

Parental rights and responsibilities are detailed under RSA 461-A. Already, the statutes don’t indicate terms like “father” and “mother.” Instead, they refer to both collectively as parents. This dispels the fact that the law is biased in favor of mothers, at least not in New Hampshire.

In child custody cases, the “best interest” of the child is always upheld, which includes the relationship shared between parent and child (RSA 461-A, Section 6a) and ability to provide the latter’s basic needs (RSA 461-A, Section 6b). Thus, the effect of divorce on fathers’ rights still depends on a number of factors, including the father’s capability to provide the child with material and emotional support.