Dividing Your Marital Assets When Filing for Divorce in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is capable of processing at-fault and no-fault divorces and also allows equitable distribution of marital assets. This means that the entire estate should be split 50-50; however, the arguments raised during divorce proceedings can swing that balance either way. To make sure you are treated fairly, enlist lawyers who know the mechanics of filing for divorce in New Hampshire, such as those from Upton and Hatfield.

As equitable distribution of marital assets is possible, your New Hampshire divorce lawyer can educate you on its prerequisite elements. One factor you can note, for example, is the level of either spouse’s contributions to the marriage (whether home management, raising children, or developing each other’s careers). In some cases, a possible disparity there may arise that would influence the decision on the 50-50 split; one spouse, for instance, may argue that the other party is not capable of handling the assets.